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Who am I?

My Story

A native of Provence, I spent part of my childhood in Africa. Steeped in diversity of people, cultures and culture, I keep an open mind and respect for other ways of being, beliefs and customs.

Fluently bilingual in English, my professional experience in various industries and an international organization led me to create my own event company in 2006.It was in 2008 that mandated by English customers to organize their wedding, I discovered the Celebrancy movement with genuine interest. Virtually unknown in France at the time, the celebrant function immediately imposed itself to me. And moreover, for the record, a short time before as I was listening to another couple talk about the celebration of their ceremony, I remember suddenly thinking: "I wish I could do that", unaware that not only was it possible, but it was a job!

Nowadays I am a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant® who graduated from the renewed American Celebrant Foundation & Institute, and received certification in funeral and healing/transition ceremonies, weddings, and family and children's. As a professional ceremony officiant since 2010, I work with my clients to co-create personalized ceremonies and rituals for the significant events in their life, from birth to death. Both trace and memory, these unique celebrations intertwine life stories, memories, images, language, symbols, rituals, readings, poetry, music, songs, stage design, etc.

When I am not officiating, I am always looking for more information on ceremonies and rituals. It is a passion that has led me to share my knowledge with others through workshops. On a personal level, I practice Zen meditation, Longo (Anchoring African Dance), Tehima (Hebrew Letters Dance), participate in Native American drum circles, intuitive singing and painting workshops, etc.


People who need the expertise of a celebrant entrust him/her with a precious moment in their lives. In doing to, they give this person the responsibility for creating and performing their ceremony, and insuring the smooth running of their event. Moreover, beyond the event itself, the persons concerned also put in the hands of the officiant the dreams and emotions that they want to share and keep as happy memories.

Because to me quality professional training, skills and knowledge are essential for a serious celebrant practice, I chose the American Celebrant Foundation & Institute. Not only because it offers a seven months’ comprehensive curriculum and ongoing training, but also because it is a non-profit organization which, I believe, corresponds to the Celebrant spirit initially intended by Lionel Murphy and Dally Messenger, pioneers of the Celebrancy movement.

First French Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I am now a triple certificate celebrant—for ceremonies for couples and funeral ceremonies in 2010, for Ceremonies for family and children in 2011. Then again as a Master Curriculum Life-Cycle Celebrant® in 2015. Insatiably curious, I have a constant interest for refreshing and extending my knowledge of the universal symbolism of rituals, myths and archetypes, religions, customs and cultural traditions of the world. My researches focus also on the evolution of contemporary symbols and rituals: adapting old symbols, modernizing traditional ceremonies and rites to make them more accessible to all, without squandering meaning. Ongoing professional development allows me to offer ceremonial services ever closer to the needs of individuals, couples, families and communities.


Life-Cycle Celebrant® certificate for the wedding and other ceremonies for couples
— Celebrant Foundation& Institute / 2010

Life-Cycle Celebrant® Certificate for Funeral and other Transition Ceremonies
— Celebrant Foundation & Institute / 2010

Certificate Life-Cycle Celebrant® for the Family & Children
— Celebrant Foundation& Institute / 2011

Seminar series "Exploring the Way of the Crone through ceremonies" (Giving meaning to menopause or "Age-wise")
— Celebrant Foundation& Institute / 2013

Master Life-Cycle Celebrancy® — Celebrant Foundation & Institute / 2015

Ongoing training

Continuing education in ceremonial work and personal development

Introduction to Ritual Practice with HO Rites
(Canadian School of Rites of Passage / 3 sessions from August 2011 to February 2012)
Neo-Shamanic Rites with HO Rites (Arizona, October 2012)
Work on vocal techniques with Matilda Aeolia (2012-2013)
Tantra initiation Workshop (Tantra, Art of Living, Art of Love) with Ma Premo
Breath "Workshops» with Ma Premo
"Altered States of Consciousness" Workshops" with Ma Premo
"Death, a life experience" Workshops" with Ma Premo
Participation in drum and intuitive singing circles with Sylvie Di Scala
"Introduction to Non-Violent Communication" (NVC - Modules 1, 2 & 3)
Longo, Anchoring African Dance with Elima (2015-2017)
4th Dance of the Moon (Participation as a caregiver - Quebec, Canada, August 2017)