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Wedding Ceremony: How much does it cost?

Wedding Budget: What place for your ceremony?

Having a wedding entails a number of costs: wedding venue, catering, wedding cake, wedding dress and shoes, groom’s attire, accessories, wedding rings of course, but also photography and/or videography, entertainment and music, flower and decoration, equipment rental, etc., along with, more recently, the officiant. Question: How does the cost of a Wedding Celebrant fit in your budget?

Whatever your budget is, you will decide how it will be divided among these various costs items. According to your own tastes and needs, you'll save on certain expenses in order to invest more into items that are really important for you.

Therefore, the question is not so much the cost of a celebrant but how important is the ceremony for you? Even if a large part of the preparations for a wedding naturally includes the reception, do not forget that the wedding celebration comes before the party and that to say "Yes" to each other before the people you love is the reason for and the very heart of your wedding day. The memory of a good ... or bad ceremony will stay with you forever.

So if you are part of those who have the greatest interest in the celebration of their union, and therefore place a great value on the ceremony, you are prepared to pay a fair price for a quality event. To choose the services of a certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®—with a solid professional experience and serious references—will give you the assurance to entrust this very important moment in your lives to a competent and reliable person.

Professional Wedding Celebrant Services: What is included ?

Like the tip of an iceberg, many see only the time during which the ceremony takes place, not realizing that it is only a small part of the time, effort, resources and energy invested by a wedding Celebrant to give them the ceremony they want.

So, what is hidden beneath the surface when a professional Wedding Celebrant creates and delivers a ceremony? Among others:

Professional charges:
Like any professional maintaining a full-time practice, a celebrant is facing operating costs: equipment and office supplies, computer and other electronic equipment, telephone and internet access, insurance, management, taxes... Not to mention, the purchase and maintenance of a reliable vehicle.

Communication costs:
A website (creation, hosting, maintenance, updating) has a cost as well as any advertising. In addition, before reading this page, you visited many other websites. So you can appreciate the hundreds of hours that have been invested in research, writing and developing this site.

Time and energy:
For each ceremony, how many hours of research, implementation and invisible writing? How many hours of interviews, rehearsal, transportation? How many hours for all the administrative work (emails, contracts, etc.)? I do not count the hours spent in research to create the resources I have carefully designed to provide information for my clients. Regardless of the ceremony’s length and complexity, there is a whole preparatory process, and the same requirement in terms of skills and involvement.

Experience and know-how:
Make no mistake, quality ceremonies do not happen by chance!
Personally I have invested money and time in my celebrant training and practice (basic courses on the fundamentals of Celebrancy; then various specializations). Not to mention, public speaking classes to express myself in public with ease and presence. So, by choosing an experienced and professional celebrant, you benefit from his/her knowledge and insight in term of ceremonial and ritual.

A professional Celebrant invests in quality sound system: for a high sound quality, I celebrate ceremonies with a wireless PA system with battery and built-in USB/SD player and 2 microphones (it can save you the cost of a DJ during the ceremony). Also available, an “altar” table, chairs for the Bride and Groom, as well as specific items for rituals, such as candle glass containers… I, for my part, invest each year in ceremony equipment and utensils.

Wedding Celebrant fees by Celebrant Karine

I devote a lot of time (between 35 to 50 hours), attention and care to composing, writing, preparing and celebrating each ceremony which is entrusted to me. For all ceremonies to be personal and individualized, they each require a different approach because they must reflect the story and expectations of a diverse clientele.

I endeavor to respond to requests within 48 hours maximum, and the final estimate is established once we discussed (live or online) your vision for your ceremony. Note that the high wedding season has an impact on the price: the months of May through September are the most in demand, and on the weekends I have little availability. This is not really the time to negotiate my rates. However, some life circumstances require special consideration and if I can help, I will.

About prices: In France, for Wedding Officiants-Celebrants, rates range from 300€ up to 3000€, and more (not including taxes). However the average feewould be about 600€ to 1400€, depending on services for the creation/writing, preparation and celebration of a ceremony.(For more information, see our page on Services

What is certain is that whatever the amount paid, it will always be too costly if, in the end, the ceremony does not meet your expectations. Especially, if you want a wedding ceremony that, through words and style, reflects what is most meaningful to you, a genuine showcase of your love. Indeed, making sure we invest in the important things in life is essential.

Finally, everybody is different and not all couples have the same tastes and preferences, nor does the celebration of their union have thesame importance. So, perhaps this is how we should express the whole question about price: How important is the ceremony for you?