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I love being a celebrant but what I love even more, is knowing that I am able to help others while doing what I love!

Therefore, the greatest compliment my clients can give me is a testimonial or a recommendation; as a gift of acknowledgment of all the work and passion I put into each ceremony which is entrusted to me.

If you want to know what I do for my clients, here is a small selection of wedding testimonialsfrompast coupleswho are willing to share their experience of working with me. In their own words, they tell you more and better than I ever could about my dedication to make your special occasion not only significant and memorable to you but also meaningful to all your loved ones.

I have learned that People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget how you made them feel.”
~ Dr Maya Angelou ~

Célébrations Mémoire

Dear Karine,When our son Rob and his fiancé Matt asked if they could be married at our House in Tourtour Provence, we had no idea how we could organise it. An internet search discovered your website and we were immediately attracted to you because you were based in Provence, French but fluent in English with a website in English and very importantly, non-discriminatory.

We are delighted that we found you. Your communications with Rob and Matt were excellent and gently focused their minds on the decisions they need to make about the type of ceremony they wanted. The end result was a ceremony so moving that there was hardly a dry eye amongst the attendees. Your arrival about 2-3 hours before the ceremony was so helpful in finalising the details, making sure the main participants knew where to stand and what to say. On a personal basis, as the 'mum' who was the main organiser and trying to appear calm at all times despite the last minute worries of spots of rain and a sudden surge of the Mistral threatening 2 hours before the ceremony blowing the table decorations around the garden, bow-ties that would not be tied, guests lost in a neighbouring village, a mal-functioning fridge van to name just a few problems, you were calmness itself and reassured me on two occasions, that it would all be fine and the problems I was encountering were so normal that I need not worry. We all want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making Rob and Matt's wedding day so magical and special. We cannot recommend you more highly.

Elizabeth, mother of Rob and now mother-in-law of Matt PRIVATE VENUE

Célébrations Mémoire

Karine was recommended to us by a friend. We needed a bilingual celebrant, speaking French and English. She had to be funny, light, emotional, and would understand our needs as a reconstructed family.
Well.... Karine was all that and much more.... She was touching, professional, patient and just.... amazing!
She helped us create a perfect ceremony for our perfect marriage.
Thank you again, Karine, we will meet again in 10 years for our wedding anniversary! :-)


Célébrations Mémoire

We were so very fortunate to have Karine perform our very intimate wedding ceremony -- Just The Two of Us!
We are US citizens who decided to marry in Provence, France. I searched on the internet to find someone who would be available
and willing to officiate our wedding.

Karine was willing to travel to our wedding location in Provence to be our celebrant. Prior to the ceremony, Karine worked with us (through e-mails) to create a very personal and intimate ceremony that focused on "us" and "our story."

Karine has a "presence" and a "way with words" that captured everything about us in such an emotional and heartfelt way that at times we cried, and at times we laughed. I can't thank Karine enough for her efforts to personalize our ceremony. She is a very professional and talented celebrant and so easy to work with. We are grateful that we had the opportunity to have her perform our ceremony.

We highly recommend Karine as "Celebrant Extraordinaire" !!


Célébrations Mémoire

We hope this email finds you in wonderful health and many happy smiles!
We also wanted to share our comments Thank you again!
”Where did you find her? She is an AMAZING celebrant!” one of our guests exclaimed over the cocktail hour.
One of the many challenges with destination weddings is finding the right person to help you celebrate your very special day. You almost have to have blind faith (with lots of prayers on the side!). But within minutes of meeting Karine over Skype on a winter afternoon, we knew we wanted her as our Celebrant. And we could not have been happier…or luckier. Her detailed and thorough approach, listening to and anticipating our needs, not only gave us confidence but more importantly resulted in an extremely intimate and personal ceremony for us. Perhaps the best testimony was that it evoked both tears and laughter from all of us. Our guests are still talking about our amazing Celebrant! Thank you Karine for making our day so special and memorable.

You’ve helped us memorialize a very special time in our lives and we will be forever grateful.


Célébrations Mémoire

My fiancé and I decided to have a very private symbolic ceremony in the Aix-en-Provence. After we did our research on ministers, we found and connected with Karine.

Our experience with Karine was better than we could have imagined and she surpassed all our expectations. I could tell during our first Skype chat that Karine loves what she does and it showed in her work.
She took the time to learn about us and what we wanted in a ceremony.

The ceremony she created was special, unique, and most importantly, a true reflection of “us.”

The work she did is something that I will never forget and I can’t thank her enough for making our day so amazing.

Allison & Dave MAS D’ENTREMONT

Célébrations Mémoire

Dear Karine,

I wanted to thank you very much again for an excellent ceremony!!! We were truly very happy with it all
and how lucky were we with the weather?!!!

I'm sorry I didn't have too much time to talk with you afterwards, as you saw I was a bit occupied. However, we are both truly appreciative of all you have done for us and for making a beautiful ceremony and great memory of our wedding day!

EVERYONE told us afterwards, how amazing it was and how they all (even the most unexpected friends) cried or became a bit emotional. They all also laughed a lot! It was everything we wanted and hoped for! It was perfect your mistake with "smell" and "smile"! Can I say thank you for making the mistake, because it allowed to bring some more humor to the ceremony?! :)

Thank you very much again Karine. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to maybe see you again?!

Take care!

Kind Regards,


Célébrations Mémoire

We were looking for a celebrant who would create a personal, unique and emotional ceremony for the two of us
and Karine did a lovely job.

The distance between us was no problem as we were able to meet via Skype andKarine was always available via email to answer any questions. The ceremony writing process wasenjoyable as Karine gets to know you. There is a lot of flexibility regarding content, music and customising vows. Karine has good attention to detail which meant that the editing process for our ceremony was easy, barely any changes to the initial draft were required. We found our ceremony to be very emotional as it reflected our story and feelings, andKarine chose poems and readings which were meaningful for us.

We required our ceremony to be in English and Karine spoke fluently and with warmth. Karine was very approachable,
friendly and reliable throughout the whole process.
Thank you Karine!!


Célébrations Mémoire

Thank you for the wonderful job you did of being our celebrant.
Everyone told us how heartfelt it was, and personal to us.
So thank you again!

Caroline & Arran (Singapore) LE MAS DES COMTES DE PROVENCE

Célébrations Mémoire

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job on our wedding day, and of course your support and guidance leading up to it.

All of our family and friends absolutely loved the ceremony and we had so many compliments about you
and how the ceremony went.

Honestly we knew it was going to be amazing but it went above our expectations.

We are so happy that you celebrated our special days and will always cherish the memory of it.

Joanna & Damien (USA/France) (Singapore) LE MAS DES COMTES DE PROVENCE

Célébrations Mémoire

Dear Karine,People in our lives are still talking about how beautiful your ceremony was!
It has inspired yet another 70 people to be married or some in contact with a celebrant
— and they only hope he/she will be as wonderful as you!
For that and so many other things I will be eternally grateful.
You were a glorious part of our day!

Bretta & Nicholas (Canada/UK)) PRIVATE RESIDENCE

Célébrations Mémoire

Kim and I had decided to have a renewal of vows ceremony while holidaying in the South of France
with friends and family, but had no idea where to start.

From the beginning, Karine was wonderfully enthusiastic and inspirational in finding out about our story. She gave us some very profound questionnaires to fill out which helped us translate our feelings into words and then took our responses and crafted a beautiful service around them which was very personal to us. We ended up with a truly magical and deeply moving experience which so encapsulated what love and marriage mean to us.

Our guests were raving about it as well (many of them having been moved to tears during the ceremony, in a good way!)

Although we were renewing our vows after twelve years of marriage, it felt much more of a wedding than our first one and made us think, why have an ordinary wedding when you can have something as romantic and special as this?


Célébrations Mémoire

To anyone looking for a fantastic celebrant in the Provence, We highly recommend the services of Karine, a talented and very friendly, spontaneous celebrant in the beautiful Provence.

We are a couple from Melbourne, Australia and we decided to get married in the beautiful Provence in September 2013. As one of us is of Dutch origin and the other Australian/Italian, our wedding was a celebration as well as a big family reunion. Through our wedding planner we came in contact with Karine and she has made our wedding ceremony unforgettable.

Karine has a wonderful talent to create a ceremony that is unique and meaningful yet tailor made to the couple's wishes. When Karine send us a draft of our wedding celebration script, there was no need for any changes or adjustments, we loved it instantly. She included everything we wanted to include and added beautiful personal touches that we (and all of our guests) loved. We had such a unique ceremony and Karine is such a spontaneous, joyous person that she will make your ceremony a very memorable and special one, we highly recommend her!!!

Kristien & Robert (Holland/Australia) PRIVATE RESIDENCE

Célébrations Mémoire

It was important to us that our ceremony was bi-lingual. Karine was excellent and made the whole ceremony so special for us. The ceremony was in French and English with both of us saying vows / readings in both languages; the guests really appreciated it being in both languages and Karine spoke in both languages fluently throughout.

She was very attentive and made sure everything was perfect for us; she was extremely approachable and we had no hesitation in asking her questions or making suggestions. Karine was very open to ideas and really listened to what we wanted and the type of ceremony that we hoped for.There was no problem communicating with Karine, she was always available on Skype and the only time we met her was on the day of the ceremony. She was very precise and wanted everything to be perfect for us. She took the time before the ceremony to speak with the witnesses and make sure that everyone was comfortable with where they would be seated and knew what they had to say.

She was a true professional and I highly recommend her.

Emma & David (France/UK) LES CARMES ~ LE THOR

Célébrations Mémoire

Mathewand Iquickly realized thatthe services of an officiant was exactlywhat we wantedfor our wedding; wewere immediatelyimpressed with both the customization possibilities andflexibility. The experience andexpertiseofKarinereallyhelped preparea ceremony that was both very personal and very much “like us”.

The challenge of us living thousands ofmiles away and the fact that we askedKarineto createa bilingual ceremony was handled brilliantly.Karinemanagedwith great skillto conducta dynamic ceremonyin French andEnglishwhile beingintimate, romanticand touching. Not only were we, as a couple deeply moved, but most of our guestshad tears in their eyes. We have alsoreceived many complimentsonour ceremony andknow that much of that credit is due to Karine.

Karine, Thank you for yourlistening,your adviceto leadourunionso brilliantlyand shareyourpassionforofficiating.We could not have thought of anything better. Your professionalism, expertise and dedication transpired thorough!Thank you again for your officiating our wedding — you made the entire day!

Bérengère & Matthew (France/Canada) LE MAS DE LA ROSE

Célébrations Mémoire

Dear Karine, Thank you so much for being a key person in making our day so very special – more than words can really say – and for your lovely personality that added the richness to make the ceremony perfect! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and planning together.

The ceremony without question was more than we had ever dared hope for; it was personal, relaxed, sincere, and so very meaningful. You do have a gift, and everyone spoke about it being the most “romantic, meaningful, and moving” wedding they had ever attended. Also the printed copy of the service is so beautiful. We are making a copy for my mother who will be very touched by the reference to my father, and to her.

Thanks again for all of your personal touches – they made all the difference. We are very grateful for your patience, your caring, and your most touching ceremony!


Célébrations Mémoire

Dear Karine, We wanted to thank you for the sterling work you did for our wedding. We both thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and the way you delivered it. You put so much effort into it, between the transcript, the translation, the delivery and the last minute surprises that you handled beautifully! We had a lot of compliments from our guests on this « emotional »,
« so personable », « romantic » and « unique » ceremony. So thank you again.”

Maud & David (France/UK) CHATEAU DU MARTINET

Célébrations Mémoire

Thank you for the ceremony and the beautiful words you have put together.
It was personal and sentimental. Exactly what we wanted.

Lauren & Robert HOTEL EDEN ROC

Célébrations Mémoire

It’s was great to meet you. We are honored to have you as a celebrant at our wedding. You made it special and custom the ceremony to fit us and the family in such a short time. I really appreciated all your effort. Thank you again for everything.


Célébrations Mémoire

Chère Karine, Nous vous remercions sincèrement pour notre célébration.

La cérémonie était écrite et dirigée parfaitement, et au-delà de nos rêves.
Nous avons vécu un des plus beaux moments de notre vie !

Il y avait tellement d’amour, que tout le monde l’a senti : les amis, la famille — et même le personnel — ont été très émus.

Encore merci de votre créativité et professionnalisme qui ont fait un succès de notre mariage !


Célébrations Mémoire

We are a French/English couple from London who got married in the South of France. We were introduced to Karine through our wedding planner. After one conversation over Skype we were sure Karine was the right person to host our ceremony.

We had no idea what we wanted but with Karine’s help we were able to shape the ceremony into exactly what we had dreamed of. Karine worked to make sure that every element we had mentioned was present in the ceremony – including a part for our daughter. It was personal, touching, original, light hearted at times and extremely accessible. Karine was an absolute joy to work with, taking our comments on board at each part of the process.

The ceremony was really the high point of our wedding and is certainly the part that meant the most to both of us. On the day Karine was perfect, hitting the right tone and making us feel at ease.

It has also been the one thing that our guests have continually talked about as being the best they have seen…

So thank you Karine!!!”

Angharad & Luc (France/UK) MAS DE PUECH

Célébrations Mémoire

We sincerely enjoyed the symbolic wedding ceremony performed by Karine Wegel on our wedding day. We are a couple of mixed nationalities, Dutch and Irish, and we decided to celebrate our wedding at le Mas des Comtes de Provence in France. We enjoyed the company of 50 guests.Thanks to Karine, we and our guests enjoyed a well written and well-spoken wedding ceremony. Many of our guests had never met each other before, but the ceremony, written and spoken by Karine, was intimate and bonded the guests. Also, all our guests knew parts of our lives and love story. However, Karine made sure that our guests left the ceremony with the feeling that they had got to know us even better. All these aspects made our wedding ceremony
and wedding day very special.

Karine was very thorough in her preparations. Months before our wedding we received questionnaires and other forms to fill in. We answered the questions honestly and sincerely, therefore Karine was able to personalize the ceremony and as a result we enjoyed an intimate and personal celebration. We also talked several times with Karine; On Skype, over the phone and via email. In these phone and email conversations we discussed (parts of) the ceremony. A few days before our wedding celebration we met with Karine at the wedding venue to discuss the practical parts of the ceremony as where to walk, where to stand/sit, etc.

All in all we experienced a ceremony which was intimate and personal and we are sure
that Karine has provided all of our guests with good memories.

Karine, thank you so much for all your energy and expertise you put into our wedding ceremony.

It was very special.

Eefje & Michael (Netherlands/Ireland) MAS DES COMTES DE PROVENCE

Célébrations Mémoire

“We had a civil wedding in the UK but we wanted to have a proper wedding in the South of France with a non-religious bilingual ceremony. The services that Karine offered as a Celebrant exceeded all our expectations.

Karine took her job to heart throughout the entire process and the passion for what she does shone through every time we met or talked – she advised us on the structure of the ceremony, on the good timing of the music and the texts. She also took the time to get to know my husband and I to celebrate our story as a couple with our own words. She found the perfect tone for our personalised ceremony in both English and French to make our wedding day unique. She consulted with the wedding party present during our rehearsal, including the DJ and videographer and went through all the details. As a result, she delivered the most beautiful and moving ceremony we could ever hope for.

My family and guests thought she was absolutely brilliant and we hope to have her around
for many other great milestones of our lives.”

Nelly & Michael (France/UK) CHATEAU L'ARC