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Other ceremonies: How much does it costs?

Funerals and other life-cycle ceremonies

The wedding celebrations and vows renewals currently make up the bulk of my work celebrant. However, I can accompany you to celebrate other events and major transitions in your life that you want to symbolically mark with a ceremony or a special ritual.

I am a Certified Funeral Celebrant: families contact me if they want a "living portrait" of the missing person: an authentic way for the relatives to honor the deceased, with dignity and respect. Even though not religious in content, these personal funeral ceremonies are ritualized, infused withsignificance and meaning, and they contribute to the grieving process.

I am also a “Ceremonies for Family & Children”celebrant: birth and adoption (secular baptisms/welcoming ceremonies), house warming or saying goodbye to a family home ceremony, various anniversaries...

Of course, rites of passage corresponding to a point in life where one moves from a “before” to an “after”: majority, graduation, divorce, new job, retirement, etc.

For any specific request, other than a wedding ceremony, I address each service individually. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project. Only after that I could give you an accurate cost estimate.