A question, an enquiry?

How does it work?

You are getting married. It is important for you to organize a wedding ceremony to celebrate this key moment in your life and you are looking for a professional Wedding Celebrant to accompany you in this process.
I would be delighted to work with you on creating and celebrating your very own ceremony. Here are the 4 steps of the process:

Meeting : Opening up dialogue to discuss your project

Let us take a time of exchange and discovery

It all starts with an email or a call requesting information. This initial contact may be followed by a no-obligation, initial consultation meeting online, via Skype or WhatApp, or in-person to discuss your particular ceremony.

This first meeting gives the opportunity for you to express your specific concerns and needs, and for me to answer your questions (e.g. how I work, how I design the ceremonies that are entrusted to me…) and ask a few. From this discussion between us, you gain a better understanding of how your ceremony will go and I can identify more clearly your expectations.

Agreement : Booking your date

Following our meeting...

At the end of the interview, if you want to call on my celebrant services, I will send you a Celebrant Service Contract for signature.

Once you have signed and return the contract for agreement, and pay a deposit to guarantee your reservation, the date is definitely booked.

Design : Brainstorming and co-creation

Preparation, design and writing of your ceremony.

We build your ceremony together. Using a personalized approach, we discuss of everything that makes up your ceremony and I rely on the information that you share with me (in the interview and/or through the questionnaire that I address you) to write the text of your ceremony. Literally, these details give me the inspiration to build the foundation, along with creating the structure and substance of the celebration: weaving your words and story, your feelings and emotions, incorporating gestures, music, rituals... everything that makes you unique, I will craft a one of a kind ceremony, in both form and content.

Of course, you will receive the entire ceremony for review and comment, giving you final approval over the script.

Celebration: Before, during and after

Finally, coordination and celebration of your ceremony.

On the day of your event, I will be on site to officiate the celebration, and even more to make sure that everything goes well. In particular:

- finalize the layout of the ceremonial space and handle the last minutes concerns;

- take the time to talk to all the participants of the ceremony, explaining to each one their role and when they should act;

- inform and work with the other suppliers involved in the ceremony if needed (photographer, musicians, staff venue, wedding planner…).

Because beautiful ceremonies do not just happen, all this preparatory work is important to ensure the smooth running of your event.

It is only when the ceremony is over that my work stops!

For more information, please visit the pages FAQ or contact me.