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Ceremonies for Couples

Weddings and Other Joining Ceremonies for Couples

Nowadays couples who decide to make an engagement to each other are offered a wide variety of ceremonies to celebrate their union, may they be traditional or beyond conventions—for family, social, economic, cultural, religious reasons or by conviction. Whatever your choice, when you and your partner honory our joining with awareness and respect, as it should be, you give recognition to the value to your commitment.

"To love is to be engaged is to work is to be interested is to create.”
~ Lina Wertmuller ~


Betrothal (Engagement) Ceremony

With the Engagement, a couple expressesits commitment to marry.

"The etymology of the word ‘fiancé’ is the word ‘foi’ (faith). The fiancé is one who gives his faith to another. It's beautiful, isn’t it?"
~ Amélie Nothomb / Neither Adam nor Eve ~

For those who choose this ceremony, their engagement or betrothalis more than intention; it is their promises to marry, orto commit to each other for those who cannot officially marry (in particular for same gender couples).

To get engaged is not to be taken lightly. It is the first symbolic act that officially acknowledges the bond between two people who want to move their relationship to the next level. And, like any rite of passage, a formal engagement marks a change of status: the engaged couple is not yet married but they are no longer single in the eyes of their community of friends and family.

Beyond the engagement party, a betrothal ceremony can add depth and meaning when a solemn commitment to marry in the future is made by a couple in an intimate setting or in front of witness. You can imagine a ceremony that would provide a formal setting to your marriage proposal with witnesses (relatives, friends), and of course a formal application and commitment vows, exchange of engagement rings or gifts, etc. Most important, this choice must be meaningful to you and linked to your story, your values, your desires.

Marriage & Remarriage

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

“If there is anything that may properly be called happiness here below, I am persuaded it is the union of two persons who love each other with perfect liberty, who are united by a secret inclination, and satisfied with each other's merits. Their hearts are full and leave no vacancy for any other passion; they enjoy perpetual tranquility because they enjoy content.”
― Pierre Abélard, The Letters of Abélard and Héloïse ~

While many rituals and traditions tend to disappear in modern societies, the custom of marriage persists; probably because it has adapted to the evolution of morals and society. There is no longer one way to marry.

Traditionally, religious ceremonies meet the need of couples who are believers to give meaning to their commitment in the framework of their faith. And the wedding at the town hall—prerequisite to a legal union in the eyes of the law in France and other countries—remains an administrative act, often perceived as too hasty and impersonal by many. Nonetheless, for a long time and for various reasons, many people were left out because society offered them no other ways for their unions.

The creation of the Celebrant Movement in Australia in the early 70s and its expansion worldwide have changed that by offering new and unique approaches to create personalized and meaningful ceremonies.

Nowadays celebrant ceremonies offer greater freedom and flexibility, and more and more couples turn to them to complete their civil ceremony, especially in countries where ceremonies conducted by officiants or celebrants are not legally recognized.

If you make the choice of a symbolic wedding celebration with a Wedding Celebrant, it will be the opportunity for you to invent your own ceremony: a ceremony that will represent both of you as a couple, everything that makes you unique; moreover, a ceremony that will truly reflect the "essence" of your love and mutual commitment to one another.

Remember that if marriage remains one of the most important moments in the life of a couple, it is also significant for their relatives. By attending a wedding, family and guests bear witness to the vows and promises being made that day and provide support to the newlyweds, who in return, thank them for loving and being there for them. It is the sharing of these moments of love, friendship and gratitude, these moments of exchange and unity between laughter and tears of joy that make for an unforgettable ceremony.

You are preparing your wedding? The celebration of your union is the major act of your wedding day? You are considering a symbolic ceremony? I offer my celebrant services to help you create the ceremony of your choice, a ceremony that will give you the opportunity to enjoy a unique event, full of meaning and shared emotions.

Note by Celebrant Karine:
For a wedding, the only essential parts are:
- the declaration of intention
- the wedding vows
- the declaration of marriage
All that you add around gives you the chance to design and personalize the ceremony to meet your wishes.

In the nomadic arts, although the stage is in movement, it is nonetheless the starting point and obligatory element of passage.

PACS & Free Unions

Commitment Ceremony

In France, since the law of May 17, 2013 on Marriage For All, anyone who wants to live as a couple have the option to choose between: the civil marriage, the Civil Solidarity Pact (PACS) or a free union. The main difference lies in the legality or not of these three models of unions.

The free union (common-law couples) and the PACS (increasingly likened to a modern form of engagement) are often perceived as less restrictive and formal alternatives than institutional marriage.

Nevertheless, whether we consider the PACS as a step before marriage or not, that we reject marriage or not, to “live as a couple” in the eyes of one’s community (family, friends, acquaintances, etc.) marks a high point in the life two lovers, and as such is celebrated. Yet, even if a party is organized, the symbolic and ceremonial aspect is often lacking; an aspect that can be missed by those who consider their commitment—even outside marriage bond—as a true union.

There are other binding rituals than that of marriage to symbolize the joining of your couple. Less formal but no less meaningful, they will bring a solemn and symbolic dimension to your union by including it in a ceremonial setting.

A commitment ceremony will be the occasion for a very special moment made for two in an intimate setting or to share with those you love. This kind of ceremonial, with no legal value but which will have a symbolic meaning for you, will allow you to assert yourself as a fully-fledged couple for all to see.

Everything is possible, your desire and your imagination are the only limit. If you opt for a commitment ceremony, Celebrations & Memory proposes to accompany you in this process to design a very personalized event.

Note by Celebrant Karine:
In English, the term "Betrothal Ceremony" is related to the engagement. A "Commitment Ceremony" means a union ceremony without legal status, where two people publicly affirm their mutual commitments. These symbolic ceremonies conform to the needs of same-sex couples or those couples that cannot get married for cultural or legal reasons.

Renewal of Vows

Celebrating a union that lasts and say, "I love you"... again!

"It's the little cares that make the best relationships."
~ Author Unknown ~

You are married or have been in an engaged relationship for a few years or many. You will arrive soon to an important anniversary:7, 10 or 15 years of marriage? Yours is a 20 years, 30 years married or committed relationship, and beyond?

Why not solemnly reaffirm your mutual love and commitment by renewing your vows in a symbolic ceremony, both festive and solemn?

Renewing vows is a way to celebrate a bond of love that lasts, and a relationship that has evolved and strengthened over the years.

Renewing vows is to say that we are happy, again and again, to share our life with the one person we love.

Renewing vows is to say that, even if the marriage road is bumpy at times, we still want to continue to move forward together on the same path.

Renewing vows is to say that, together, a couple has been able to get over the difficulties of life and/or the challenges of a relationship, and symbolically mark the transition to a new step, a new start.

Renewing vows is an opportunity to renew your commitment in front of your children, and even get them involved.

Renewing vows is to create the ceremony you have always dreamed about, and could not experience the first time.

Renewing vows is... There are as many reasons as there are couples; it is for you to find your own!

Whatever the reasons for your wedding vow renewal, whether you choose to do so in privacy or surrounded by loved ones, it will be a reflection of your shared story, of everything you've accomplished and the steps you have crossed together, of your journey side by side until this time of celebration where you will reaffirm your commitment to one another.

Wedding Anniversaries

Celebrate the accomplishment of living together.

"A wedding anniversary is a celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given years."
~ Paul Sweeney~

After a few years of common life, many married pairs forget to celebrate the anniversary date of their marriage. Yet it is an opportunity to celebrate their love and honor their couple. A special occasion to open an intimate parenthesis of mutual attention to the each other that will strengthen their link.

It is about getting out of the routine of daily life, to think about what one wants and thus prepare this celebration by bringing into it creativity and significance: what better gift indeed than to express one’s love consciously and with an open heart!

The trials of life leave us sometimes wounded or hurt; nothing is ever acquired. Some anniversaries have more significance than others: either for personal reasons, or because they are symbolic of a couple’s strength, adaptability and longevity!