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Celebrant Ceremony Services

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The Celebrancy Movement meets the growing need of people for new creative and inspiring ceremonies and rituals, more in tune with who they are. Thus, many want an personalized event, one which will have a ritual significance for them for in form and content.

However, simply writing of a ceremony may seem complicated if you're not prepared and if you have no one around you to help you. Not to mention the celebration: not everyone know show speak and act before an audience.

I remember a couple who – as they explained to me during our meeting –- initially thought to assign this task to a close relative. But very quickly they realized that creating a ceremony is a lot of work and responsibility. Upon reflection, they decided to call on the expertise of a professional officiant to help them in their project.

As a professionally trained, knowledgeable and dedicated Wedding Celebrant, I offer a highly personalized service: there are no set scripts; all ceremonies are written individually to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

This approach is not only creative but also collaborative: you are encouraged to participate in authentic and sincere ways, to consciously choose the words, emotions, hopes that matter to you and you want to share with your guests. Everything that, in the end, will allow you to say, "That is us"! All that will make your celebration as special and significant as you want it to be.

To do so, it is together that we will:

- Realize a ceremony whose components are a true reflection of your life and love story, beliefs, values ... This is the challenge: namely capturing the essence of your ceremony and restore through words what makes you, as individuals and a couple, unique.

- Ensure that the ceremony reflects and gives a meaning to this personally significant event, not only for you but for all the people close to you.

- Give with this particular event in your life all the importance it deserves, so that it remains an unforgettable and memorable time where the sharing is matched by the inner, the solemnity by the emotion, the laughter by tears.

I make every effort to meet with your expectations.

Celebrant Services

For a wedding ceremony, my celebrant services include but are not limited to:

After signing the contract and in the months before the ceremony :

- Consultations via email, phone or Skype: I am at your service throughout the process of creating your ceremony until the day of the celebration, to answer your questions and concerns.

- Delivery and completion of a questionnaire that helps me to clarify what is important to you. Learning about the specifics of your request (tastes, values, beliefs ...) is essential. Your love story and relationship are unique, just like the story of your family… Everything you share will help me create a truly personalized and meaningful event for you.

- Advice and assistance in choosing rituals and/or symbolic gestures appropriate to your celebration: symbolism is very important in a ceremony and it is important to understand its full scope.

- Advice and assistance to write your own vows, with the guide on vows and to how to write wedding vows. If necessary, I will assist you in writing your own vows.

- Selection of wedding music, poem, prose. Your choices of texts and music are important because it is one way to personalize your celebration. Beside Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions and memories.

A few months or weeks before the ceremony: conception of the ceremony outline and writing of the script.

- I study my notes and the information given to me. Then I start working on your ceremony.

- Search of any relevant resources for the ceremony: specific themes or symbols, particular metaphors, texts, poems, quotations, music, songs ... not to mention the study of cultural, spiritual or religious traditions if it makes sense for you. I do all that is necessary to find and select the significant elements for your ceremony.

- Suggestions to thank and/or integrate your loved ones in the ceremony (children, parents, friends, guests, pet, etc.) If necessary, I can contact and/or meet with family and friends to include them within the ceremony through various means.

- If I have additional questions or need clarification, I contact you (by email or phone). In the end, the ceremony is designed to meet your requirements as closely as possible.

- Submission of an initial proposal: You will receive a first version of the script that you can review and edit to your liking. The text will be reworked accordingly, until your final agreement. Remember, this is YOUR wedding!

One / two weeks before the ceremony :

- Preparation and submission of the final plan of the ceremony, detailing line by line all the important stages (early, procession, readings, rituals, music, recessional, etc.).

- I make sure that the pending final details are put together, etc.

- In the days before, like any speaker, I read and repeated the ceremony aloud. The whole idea is not about reciting a text by heart which can be boring, but about bringing it to life!

On the day of your event :

- My presence on site well before the start of the ceremony to finalize the organization and sort out any last minute details, for ex. among others: check the layout of the ceremonial space, the proper functioning of the sound system and microphone so that all guests can hear the ceremony, etc.

- Staging and set design: either during a rehearsal or in the hours before the ceremony, I take the time to review with the bride and groom each important moment for them. Then I meet with all the ceremony participants (those concerned with the procession, witnesses, those in charge of a reading, etc.) to guide and explain to everyone what he/she has to do and where they should be placed.

- Coordination with other providers (musicians, DJ, photographer, videographer, wedding planner and venue staff).

NB: To take the time to do all this preparatory work ahead of the ceremony is important. This is how I can ensure its smooth running. And, best of all, knowing that I'm here, you can relax and fully enjoy this moment you have been waiting for!

- Welcoming the guests.

- And finally, lead the ceremony with dignity and warmth.

— Après la cérémonie, je prends le temps de ranger tout mon matériel, de parler avec les personnes qui le souhaitent et de dire au revoir aux mariés. Je reste parfois au cocktail mais jamais à la réception.

In the months following the end of your ceremony

- Creation, printing and sending a keepsake ceremony; a gift to be kept, a memory trace of this special moment in your personal history.

My specificity as a celebrant?

The person who will celebrate your event will have a significant impact on the mood and the general framework of your ceremony. Each Wedding Celebrant creates and hosts a ceremony according to his training but also his/her style, his/her personality. Some will be more solemn, others humorous. Some will be completely secular, others more spiritual.

At the heart of my celebrant Practice is a fundamental principle of Celebrancy (since its formation in Australia more than 60 years ago) that is: "the ceremony belongs to the honorees". That became my motto. It is therefore essential for me, in all circumstances, to keep in mind the beliefs, philosophy of life and personalities of the couples who request my services as their Wedding Celebrant. And to never forget that their contributions, their wishes, their choices are paramount. This might seem obvious, but in reality it is difficult to implement, and requires listening skills and humility; and the ability to step back from my own beliefs and feelings to make room for those of the client. I am touched when, after a wedding ceremony, the guests ask me if I'm a friend of the couple and tell me, "We know them and it's so like them!"

Another key function of ceremonies is to create links between people and communities. There is a kind of magic to see people come together to hold a ceremony, happy or unhappy. During a wedding ceremony, this link is rooted in a sense of belonging and connection experienced by each during the celebration. That's why I carry a deep attention to creating meaning, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the entourage. These moments of communion and sharing will be remembered and cherished by all.